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1. We are very satisfied with Joel & Benjie's work. It didn't feel as if we were dealing with professional vultures who are only after our money. We had no experience and idea on what to put on our salon but the two helped us and worked with us to achieve the look we wanted at the same time having the full functionality of a first class salon. We were surprised that they entertained us inspite of the realtively low budget we had considering the look and feel we want to have. The fact that we don't personally know the two, we just know them by one common friend who referred them, addded to that false expectation. But the two are really professionals and were really honest. They laid down all the options we have and stated the pros and cons so we can arrive to the decision.
We're really glad we got their services.

<<<<<<<<Mr. & Mrs. Lalan Yulo

2. We ended up getting the services of Joel & Benjie because we were having a hard time finding someone who can accomodate our budget. We were surprised how expensive it is now a days to have a professional prepare you House Plans. We were looking for someone to prepare our house plans for Permits and Bank Loans purposes, but even those engineers in the City Engineers Office charged too much for simple plans. Good thing we know Engr. Benjie and asked him to do the plans for us. They were very helpful to accept the job and designed our dream house based on all of our requirements. They even helped us with all the document requirements for the Permits and Bank Loans.
What really surprised us was when they agreed to construct the house with our terms. (we provide the needed materials and they provide the labor force) They even gave us their lists of suppliers for the materials for us to avail discounts.
They really are flexible and helpful. They even allow us to seek other people for different scope of works which we think we can save more. They allowed us to deviate from our agreement if we can save more by doing so and they didn't held it against us.
We only employed their team's services just to complete the structure and we continued the finishng works on our own also with thier help and tips. We couldn't have completed the house if we weren't able to save a lot in our deal with them.
We really thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

<<<<<<<<<Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Catapang

3. I didn't know Engr. Joel personally. He was just referred by an old friend of mine who know an engineer who knew Engr. Joel. It was actually the engineer of my old friend who referred Engr. Joel.
I was looking for a contractor who would construct a new septic tank for my old warehouse in Balut, Tondo. The sanitary lines also need replacing, but I was on a tight budget for the said works. So when I talked to Engr. Joel regardig the said work requirements, he gladly agreed to give me a price quotation. We didn't agreed outright with his proposal. He gave me the available options I have for us to arrive at an agreement. But I was a bit pushy as I wanted to see how I can extend my money's worth. But that didn't offend him, instead he just told me that he couldn't complete the job with my cost offer. That's it I realized that I can't push my luck any further.
Since one of his options merit my requirements and budget, we came to agreed with that option. I was surprised with how it turn out. I was half expecting that he would downgrade the materials and work quality just to squeeze his earnings in our agreement. But he didn't, he followed all materials based on our agreement and I was more than satisfied with his works. I haven't had any repairs so far since then and it was more than 4 years ago. I still contact him for little repairs I have and he is still happily obliging.
I think this selfish of me to wish for him no to turn into a big company for I fear that he wouldn't entertain my small repairs if that happens.
But for what it's worth, when he asked me to gave my testimonials about him, I am more than willing to share this

<<<<<<<<Mr. Alfredo Chua

4. I knew Engr. Joel from my sister who knew him from his friend. My sister was the first to ask Engr. Joel to prepare plans for her for she was planning to have a house built for our parents. They worked out the plans based on my sister's and our parents' requirements. After a few meetings and revisions, Engr. Joel completed the plans. He accepted the job and worked on the plans even though they haven't agreed yet on the fee. The final lay out was approved and Engr. Joel went to work to complete all the set of drawings and design (Architectural, Structural, Sanitary and Electrical). The plans were already approved and completed but my sister came to a decision not to push thru with the house construction and also the plans. My parents didn't know how to tell Engr. Joel about the news as my sister had already flew to the States. To make the long story short, they talked to him and came to an agreement. They were surprised that Engr. Joel didn't charged his full professional fee.
He just charged the printing costs for the plans and for the blue prints.
So now that we decided to construct a new house in the same lot as before, we didn't have second thoughts to contact Engr. Joel to prepare the new plans and help us in the construction.

<<<<<<<<Mr. Anthony Siy with Parents

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