Great Offers


We charge one of the lowest fees in the Industry for our Plans and Design preparations. But if that's not enough, we are offering these service free of charge if and only if the client will entrust the whole construction (labor and materials) with us. Meaning the client will enter a contract with us to prepare all the Designs and do the actual Construction as per those designs. We will waive our fees for the Design and charge only the cost for the Construction. We would also include free of charge the Project Management Services for whole duration of the Project Construction.

Here's what you'll get if you decide to Design and Build with us:

1. We will help you Design your project and customize the spaces as per your requirements, meaning you will have a unique and custom made structure design only for and also by you.

2. You will have a team of professionals doing all the design requirements for your project (Architectural, Structural, Sanitary and Electrical)

3. Free Bill of Materials and Estimate.

4. We will prepare all the needed documents and assist you in the application for the required Permits for Construction and Occupancy after Project Completion. The fees in the application and releasing process however, would be shouldered by you (the client). But you can also have the option only if you want to, for us to include these fees in our proposal.

5. You can be sure that only the highest quality materials and workmanship (as per contract agreement) would be used and be incorporated in the project.

6. Only team of professionals and skilled workers will undertake the construction as per your requirements.

7. Free management and consultancy services for the entire duration of the project construction.

It's really a great value for your money. You would have to spend a lot for each services, but if you decide to DESIGN & BUILD with us you would only have to spend for the construction cost and all others services' fees would be waived.

So contact us now. And Let's start planning and constructing...